15 October 2015

M.M. Kalburgi Murder

                M.M. Kalburgi Murder
On 15 September 2015, I introduced Salman Rushdie and his views on mass resignation of authors like Nayantara Sahgal and Ashok Vajpayi etc.

In the reply, The Prime Minister regretted the developments in Dadari and Karnataka (Murder of Akhlaq and M.M. Kalburgi). Both the states U.P. and Karnataka are not governed by BJP. The developments in Maharashtra where formal F.M. of Pakistan Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri came with Sudheendra Kulkarni for book launch were also condemned by P.M.

India yet to have free debate on communalism: Nirmala Sitaram – “the protest by the writer in returning awards conferred on them by the Sahitya Academy raises more questions than it answers”, “to blame the centre in a state issue is to deny a seriousness” .

Arun Jetly says “manufactured protest”, lynching said “but centre not to blame”. Anti Modi wave being developed by anti BJP section – a new strategy.

What the above shall entail? P.M. Modi is in a strong position as far as the opposition and authors are concerned – the strength come from the truth and positive ideas of P.M. due to Navratras prevailing these days.