13 October 2015

India Is Passing Though a Very Critical, Complex and Horrible Situation Today

India Is Passing Though a Very Critical, Complex and Horrible Situation Today

Beef Ban, 26/11, Serial ballast in Mumbai, Article 370 in Jammu & Kashmir, Firing on LOC & IB, Waving Pakistani & ISIS Flags in Jama Masjid, Sri Nagar, Infiltration by Pak Militants in Jammu & Kashmir, Assault in Gurdaspur by Pakistan and visit of Ex-Foreign Minister of Pakistan Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri book-release recently in Mumbai is having a very bad effect on Muslim population on India, After passing away of Akhlak, there is polarization. This will have far reaching effects on Muslim-Hindu unity.

C.M. Kejriwal is telling on radio message to the nation that Aam Adami Party is the only solution of all problems but he has no time to visit the hospitals where people are dying of DENGUE and CHIKUNGUNYA, garbage and dirt lying on roads and lanes is generating vector borne diseases and citizen are helpless and nowhere to go for prevention or treatment as the incoming patient are increasing and increasing in a large.

MCD is manned by BJP. They have nothing to do with the public work but mudslinging.

Police is inactive due to day to day politics, practiced between AAP and LG. People are suffering and there is no end of their vows.

Rapes, child abuse, sexual harassment to woman, students, snatching, thefts, and motorbike born murders for cash or jewelry are increasing. People are bringing more and more gold and contraband is on increase. There is no law order for common man and in railways the staff and police is throwing passengers from buses and trains.

Raghubir Lal Anand is dismayed on all this and only God alone knows when the rising prices and Mafia Raj will go off the road?