21 October 2015

Beef Controversy

Beef Controversy
The other day on 10 September 2015, on beef eating, I suggested my Muslim brothers and sisters that “beef is not a life saving food and without beef Muslims will die”. There are other foods in plenty in India, vegetarians / non vegetarians which they can consume for happy and healthy life.

My advice has been vindicated by Baba Ramdev (Yoga Guru) and Health Guru on Aurvedic Herbs. He is an eminent person in Indian politics also.

Today I am shocked to see the remarks of Mufti Sayed C.M. Jammu & Kashmir saying “India will not remain India if it is polarised and communalized”.

“It is not just about killing Ikhlaq, the attack has shaken not just the country but conscience of the country”.

He also mentioned the demolition of Babri Masjid in 1992, Sayed Said: “India is a diverse country and its people have repeatedly rejected all efforts to polarize it along religious lines.

Sayed Quoted: “Ikhlak today has become a powerful symbol of our diversity. India is a living kicking democracy….. It will even give a message to P.M.”

Mufti Sahib is honourable C.M. of J&K and seasoned politician. His political philosophy is laced with love for Hurriyet and radicals.

62000 Kashmiri Pandits have been fighting a losing battle with J&K Govt. for the last 25 years for return to their holy homeland that is “the paradise on the earth” and rotting in camps and other places for survival. Their fault is that they are Pundits (Aryans).

Raghubir Lal Anand requests the whole world to read this blog and comment seriously.