28 October 2015

Beef Controversy (Buffalo is a bovine animal)

Beef Controversy (Buffalo is a bovine animal)

There is a war going on in this beautiful country incredible India between beef eaters and vegetarians.

Raghubir Lal Anand requested the beef eaters that this is not a life saving food. They can easily avoid beef and there are other option also like fish, sheep meat, goat meat, eggs, chicken etc.

Baba Ram Dev also vindicated my point and requested the Muslim brothers and sisters to shun beef.

On 27 October 2015. Hindu Sena Chief Mr. Vishnu Gupta complained police that beef was being served in Kerla House. Delhi Police acting on the complaint visited the site and was informed that beef fried has been taken out from the menu.

Mr. Oommen Chandy claims that they can serve buffalo meat in canteen. Delhi Police “beef raid challenge to federal system of India.”

Mr. Oommen Chandy is riding a lion on this issue and how he will prove that buffalo meat is being served in house? He should immediately stop beef in the canteen to see that this is Delhi and people will not tolerate this type of behavior of a responsible state of Indian union.

Beef controversy has already taken the precious life of Ikhlak, Shankar Kumar and three people in Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh.