1 October 2015

Beef Ban by High Courts

               Beef Ban by High Courts
The other day on 10 September I wrote in my blog:
India is passing though a very critical and complex time. People will not die if they do not eat meat or beef on sacred days.
My above request was negated in total by Muslim brothers and sisters, protested the ban with forceful way that it is their religious right to slaughter and eat Bakra / Bovin / Animals throughout their community. They went to Supreme Court to redress their claim.
I see now this fire has engulfed whole nation and there is no solution to this problem the Supreme Court quoted “कबीरा तेरी झोपड़ी गल कटीयं के पास, जो करेंगे सो भरेंगे तू क्यों भया उदास!”
The Supreme Court also advised that we should show mercy and compassion towards bovine animals who give us milk which we consume and our children also.
I again put my point of request to Muslims that slaughtering animals for beef is not in the interest of humanity as you live in Bharatkhande (India) which is a Vedic Land and this activity is not tolerated at all. And in case you do not eat beef you will not die as it is not a life saving commodity.
Hindu Muslim unity is the need of hour.