4 September 2015

War Like Rhetoric On Both Sides (India And Pakistan)

War Like Rhetoric On Both Sides (India And Pakistan)
I recall my blog on 6 May 2015 when Dr. Karan Singh helped the B.J.P. Govt. to sign Boundary Dispute Bill with Bangladesh. This was historic.
On 3rd September 2015, Dr. Karan Singh has given his personal opinion, “Safe guarding national security, I do not see why we should not talk with Pakistan on all outstanding issues including J&K.” “Pakistanis are in adverse possession of half my father’s former state, and I fail to understand why we are always on the defensive in discussing this. But for this to happen, the sanctity of the LOC and the IB border needs to be re-establish and peace restored.” Dr. Karan Singh said any war, howsoever short would have, “Disastrous   Consequences”
Raghubir Lal Anand suggests that War is no answer to any dispute in the world.
ISIS and Pakistan flags are being hoisted daily in Jama Masjid, Sri Nagar and giving a message that war short or long will decide the Kashmir issue. LOC and IB firing continuing.
Since 1947, Raghubir Lal Anand has been seeing war by Pakistan and there is no answer to the peace in the region.
India and Pakistan should introspect before going on short or long war.
Return Kashmiri Pundits to the valley of Kashmir as this matter has been pending for the last 25 years. It is a human cause and has to be settled against the wishes of Pakistan and Hurriyat.
JUG JUG JIVE MERE JAMMU-E-DA RAJA – Maharajadhiraj Dr. Karan Singh