9 September 2015

Raheel Sharif Statement

I refer my blog on 29 August 2015, regarding the statement on 7 September 2015 of Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan Mr. Raheel Sharif who is top brass of Pak military establishment. He is the most respected person in Pakistan for his command and grip on army.
Recently, the Chief has warned in very strong words (possibly) India that ‘unbearable cost’ in case of war.
Chief also wants to settle Kashmir issue being disputed since 1947 and he wants plebiscite which was promised by our Late Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru.
On 8 September 2015, Sartaj Aziz (NSA Pak) has said “P.M. Modi wants to dictate terms for dialogue with Islamabad which will never accept any parleys without Kashmir being on Agenda.”
Raghubir Lal Anand is in the favor of dialogue and no war like situation should be created. Raheel Sharif as well as Sartaj Aziz belongs to Indian nation before partition and they should not talk like a irresponsible manner so that the dialogue is affected the firing on the border should be stopped immediately and a environment of brotherhood should be maintained for peaceful resolution on every issue.

The ISIS factor should be kept in the mind as the flow of refugee from Syria and Turkey is an eye opener and the danger of fundamentalism and terrorism is looming large on both the countries.