10 September 2015

M.M. Kalburgi Murder

  M.M. Kalburgi Murder
I give my deep felt condolences to the family member of Kalburgi and 125 Crore people of this beautiful country incredible India. I condemn the act of violence which took the life of this noted saint who authored book about the ills of Hindu society to eradicate Sorcery, Tantrism, Idol Worship, Radicalism of 12th century Vachana Literature, he published 4 Volume of his own research.
He was a candle light who has been extinguished by a bunch of narrow minded people who could not contend with his intellect. The murder of Kalburgi is in line with Pansare and Dabbolkar underlines the serious threat to liberals. It is challenge to the authority of the State – a saint like Swami Dayanand Saraswati has been lost who was always alive and will be alive to guide the Hindu Society and culture for all times to come.
I request all the author, society of India and world over to condemn this killing for the sake of literature which is the soul of human kind and its wellness. Such ghastly and mad killings on the basis of anger and greed are to be totally condemned and should never happen.
I pray almighty that his soul go peacefully for all times to come and Kalburgi has become an integral truth of timeline and his literature and thoughts as well.