11 September 2015

Meat and Beef Ban Opposed by Owaisi and Others

Meat and Beef Ban Opposed by Owaisi and Others
I refer my blog on 10th September 2015 and its spread like wild-fire.
There were demonstrations in Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Jammu & Kashmir and some other parts of the country.
This is land of Mahaveer Bhagwan and Buddha although he was born in Nepal. The ban was imposed earlier also but there was no hue and cry. This is ‘Paryushan’, a period considered holy by the Jain.
It is shame for the people of this beautiful country incredible India which is only the vegetarian country in the whole world. People under the grab of religion have started eating beef, goat meat and chiken. Now, 70% people eat meat, beef, fish and chiken. This is not essential life saving commodity, people can shun meat for 3-4 days and they will not die but they will get inside a feeling of peace and kind heartedness.
Saving birds, animals from slaughters for tongue taste is act of kindness and piety.
The politicians should not rake up this issue as it is based on humanitarian ground and banning is sinless movement for the sake of humanity.

Have piety on birds, animals and water born fish.