14 September 2015

Meat and Beef Ban Opposed by Mehbooba Mufti

              Meat and Beef Ban Opposed by Mehbooba Mufti
The other day, I wrote my blog on Beef Ban on 11 September 2015.
The effect of ban has been politicized although it has been sanctioned by High courts of various states.
In Sri Nagar, Jammu & Kashmir during the marathon race on
13.09.2015. Hizbul, Hurriyet and PDP started molesting girls who were brought from other state for the race and thrown rock on security people and raised Pakistani flags and chanted Pakistan Zindabad etc. and so many other abuses and in the evening beef parties were thrown in a big way by goons and their mentors like separatist and PDF cadre.
Mehbooba Mufti has announced that beef sale could go on as usual in J&K. The high court ban is meaningless.
In other states the position is the same as above.
It is very shameful gesture by the states on a small issue like ban of sale of meat and beef during ‘Paryushan’.
Raghubir Lal Anand feels that this type of behaviour of both the communities Hindu and Muslims is condemned in total. For tongue taste you are killing innocent birds and animals and the animals which give milk which is an important food for human life and children specially. Religion has been involved portraying that they have to eat beef to bash the other communities.
The IIIrd World War is knocking the door of whole world due to such undesirable acts of a particular beef eating community.
How these events take turn god alone knows but the future is bleak.