2 September 2015

Complicated And Critical Time For India Today

Complicated And Critical Time For India
In my blog on 01 August 2015, I informed the whole world that India is passing though a very complicated and critical time and any bad could happen just in seconds. To prove my point I give the following reasons:-
1.   Pakistan is not stopping fire on LOC and IB. The NSA meeting has already been cancelled and meeting on 6th September of BSF and Pak Rangers has become meaningless. It may be cancelled.
2.   Various top army and politicians of Pakistan are giving a bold threat for using atom bomb (dirty bomb) produced by Dr. Kadar Khan and Bhutto.
3.   Infiltration and terrorist act in Indian part of Kashmir has become a daily affair. Today, another Pakistani terrorist has been nabbed.
4.   We are celebrating 1965 victory on Pakistan and this is the real cause of embarrassment to Pakistan – Pak became revengeful.
5.   1971 War with Pakistan separated Bangladesh from Pakistan.
6.   My blog on 31 August 2015, the Army General of Pakistan refused to apologies and said in India we have support of Indian Muslims. They are Muslims first and then.……
7.   My blog on Owaisi leader of AIMIM and Bilawal Bhutto on 22 September 2014 and on 31 August 2015 Dr. Hameed Ansari Vice President of India has triggered a controversy on Indian Muslims regarding their identity and  their rights. This is most unfortunate part of Indian history.
Advise - Introspect all above and comment.