30 September 2015

Bitter harvest from Mina – Hajj Tragedy (24 September 2015)

Bitter harvest from Mina – Hajj Tragedy (24 September 2015)
Hassan Suroor is a writer/author of Indian origin now living in London. He is respected by all for his writings on Islam and he is so popular in India as well as in U.K. that his writings are published by ‘The Hindu Newspaper’ and other prominent dailies in U.K. and Gulf.
The other day on 30th September, his article was published in ‘The Hindu Newspaper’ titled ‘Bitter harvest from Mina’. This article is very fine and gives detailed horrific stampede on 24/09/2015, killing 4000 people and injuring numberless, the objection raised by Iran. He termed this tragedy a Shia-Sunni conflict while concluding he has mentioned the following.
“Islam takes pride in being just more than a religion;
  But a global brotherhood bond by a unique sense of
  belonging to a common faith.”
Raghubir Lal Anand totally disagree with the above as the Indian experience shows that this is all a sham.
Today, 5 people has been hanged to death in 2006 Mumbai local trains blasts and 7 have been given life imprisonment.
Today, a suspected beef seller in a village in Noida, Iqlak a Muslim has been murdered by mob frenzy.
This is very unfortunate and in my blog dated 01/08/2015, I have only one point that the nation should maintain Hindu-Muslim unity so that we could tackle with the coming Danger of ISIS and other threats from Pakistan and daily terrorism in Kashmir and internal parts of the country. We should ignore the bad things and make an atmosphere of peace and composite living with Muslim brothers and solve our petty problems though dialogue and mutual trust.