3 September 2015

‘AUM (OM)’ The Symbol of Positive Energy

‘AUM (OM)’ The Symbol of Positive Energy
The other day, I put my blog on ‘Aum’ on date 14 August 2015 and 26 August 2015 and I got 187 likes and comments on Facebook and blogger and on twitter no likes and commets.
My national poet friend Sh. Deepankar says that ‘Aum’ is origin of creation on mother Mother earth.
Today Global Hindu Buddhist Conclave is being organized by Delhi’s Vivekananda International Foundation conflict avoidance and environment. The massage is to apply Buddhist and Hindu teachings in day to day life of people as well as Govt.
My mind is going on Kashmir where blood bath is daily going in the valley as well as in Jammu region and firing is not stopping.
The conclave above is the culmination of ‘Aum’ which is practiced both by Hindus and Buddhists. I ask Paksitan if we could solve our problem and eliminate violence and go for dialogue which is only the ultimate of our ‘Aum’.
Will Pakistanis as well as their top brass of their army shall introspect and send me the answer on my facebook or my blog or twitter.
…………………AUM SHANTI AUM…………………