4 August 2015

When will this Battle End

Since childhood, usually we all are taught about God, having trust in god and reciting his name in hard times. Have anyone ever wondered that does god really exists? Does God really helps the one who are in trouble or God died thousand years back and now, no one is there to protect us. Well, all these things are still unexposed and some of the critics claim that ‘God is a Myth.’ That means, God only exists for the one who trusts him but this definitely does not mean that a divine light will appear and all the troubles would be vanished. One has to make efforts to achieve something. On the other hand, if someone claims that “yes, God really exists” then what about the people who are still struggling for their survival and waiting for a hope, a moment of peace and a fearless breath. Here, we are particularly talking about the thousands of Kashmiri inhabitants who are struggling for their life and survival since years. We are talking about those thousand soldiers who died during the wars among India, Pakistan and China.

“Is God Dead” is the book by ‘RaghubirLal Anand’ that describes the struggle against life and desired peace for the innocent people who are unwillingly suffering due to the disputes, wars and conflicts.

Here, the question arises that when will they be out of these miserable situations. When God will actually help them? Is God Dead????