25 August 2015


I put the blog on 11 July 2015, Russia is a dangerous place for our Prime Ministers, we lost Lal Bahadur Shastri when Gen Ayub Khan met him in Russia and Hazi Peer Pass was given as Rehmat to Pakistan.
This tragedy has been haunting India.
P.M. Modi without thinking the results opted to visit Pakistan in 2016 and visit of Sartaj Aziz, N.S.A. Pakistan on 23-24 August 2015 to meet Ajeet Doval, N.S.A. India.
Modi Ji is fortunate that the visit has been cancelled and he has saved face.
In my blog on 11 July 2015, I had written that “There is no need to talk Pakistan. Write off completely. The return of Kashmiri Pundits to their homeland in the valley is more important than visiting Pakistan in 2016.
There is no point in the talk with Pakistan as they are firing on LoC, beheading our Jawans and killing the people living on border.”

The position is still the same as explained.