7 August 2015

Terrorism redefined: “It’s Fun to take life”

The book “Is God Dead” is all about Kashmiri culture and portrays a real image of various religious communities like Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Islam. This book presents the struggle which kashmiri pandits are facing within their homeland due to the conflict of India and pakistan. Even the battle is still on. Day before yesterday, Pakistani terrorists attacked a convoy of Border Security Force (BSF) killing two soldiers. One of terrorist died during the firing and another was caught alive. He accepted that he is from pakistan and he came to kill ‘Hindus’. “It’s fun doing this,” he said.

Where killing is considered as fun, how can one even imagine for peace? No one even bothers that what the local residents go through in these never-ending battles. Via this book, RaghubirLal Anand has raised his voice against the conflicts and wars to support the Kashmiri pandits with a hope that someday they will be able to live safely and securely in their homeland.

If some of the people are thinking about violence and a majority stands impassive. We require some people who think of humanity and will stand for peace. It is worthless to stay ‘Absurd’ and keep on waiting for a divine light to shine from the heavens to rally round. We have to work as humans to improve the situations of our society.