28 August 2015

Pakistan-India War 1965

     Pakistan-India War 1965
I recall the war of 1965. Pakistan started assault on Jammu & Kashmir though ‘Operation Gibraltar’. This was the re-start to sent infiltrators with military backing. The war lasted only seventeen days with casualties in thousand on both sides.
In 1971, Pakistan lost eastern part of Bengali Muslims and Indira Ji intervened the result - birth of Bangladesh and India captured 94,000 all rank army of Pakistan.
Pakistan should take a lesson from these two wars that they cannot continue war with Beautiful Incredible India of my dreams.
I pray Pakistan with folded hands to abstain from sending insurgents in Indian parts bordering with that country and stop firing on borders.
He should know that India is a great country and big enough to keep the security of their own people in India.
I salute the Jawans who lost their life and those who served in this war and came out alive with dignity and victory.
Peace is our goal and motto.