31 August 2015


This has to be solved by P.M. Modi at any cost.
Delay in announcing has become ‘justice delay is justice denied’.
In my previous blog 16 June, 27 July and 10 August 2015, I had requested the P.M. and other concerned to announced an implement.
This has taken a ugly term due to the defence personnel went on hunger strike and most of the people are old and have be to consigned to Army Hospitals are other places for quick medicate add.
This is shame for this beautiful incredible India to behave like this with our defence staff. I request the defence minister Mr. Manohar Parrikar to immediately jump for the announcement to enable the people of fast to end it.
I hope P.M. Modi will read the writing on the wall.
It should be done on or before 2nd October 2015 Gandhi Jayanti.