8 August 2015

Old wounds are still unhealed!

The book “Is God Dead” written by Shri RaghubirLal Anand is a direct approach towards the effort for the people, who are still suffering due to the conflictions between India and Pakistan. Why he enforced to write this book?

It is obvious; he is one of those, who want peace- wants good relations between India and Pakistan. Is this only his responsibility to edify everyone?

Of course not, he made his own efforts. Now, it’s our turn to understand the situations and take a step to stop these riots. We all better know, about more than half of the century has been wasted beneath stress for the disputes and battles for Kashmir between India and Pakistan, but no one wants to stop killing each other…why?
This question is unanswered from then till now. Some people thinks that all the Muslims are terrorists but they never try to think upon the fact that no one is born terrorist. There are always some reasons that impose to be a terrorist.
Riots are not the solution for these things. We should personally investigate and think about the roots of the terrorism but we always waste our time in accusing terrorists rather than terrorism.

We should personally take an action to remove the minor factors that always stimulate these types of conflicts between India & Pakistan.