26 August 2015

NSA Failure

                                            NSA Failure
Raghubir Lal Anand was on tour to Jammu & Kashmir from 15 August 2015 To 24 August 2015 to take stock of the state unrest due to AIIMS factor.
I saw during my visit that Mufti Syed the C.M. is confused and helping Pakistan and Hurriyet to have wide range of publicity for NSA.
Right from his taking over he admired Pak, Hurriyet and local militants and maintaining the same stance till now.
He is responsible for giving passport to Syed Ali Shah Geelani for Saudi Arabia.
He is also responsible for raising slogans of ‘Pakistan Jindabad’, ‘ISIS Jindabad’ and hoisting Pakistani Flag and ISIS Flags in Jama Masjid of Sri Nagar.
He is also responsible for setting free Masrat Alam who was again detained for his bad conduct in public life.
Since, Syed Mufti is tied to Pakistan and Hurriyet, he got NSA meeting cancelled and sabotaged the show.
His daughter Mehbooba Mufti came to Delhi which I mentioned in my Blog dated 03/08/2015 to get a dole of 70,000 Crore from P.M. Modi.
I don’t know the contents of meeting but I think a fat amount has been given to her for Kashmir which will be sent to Pakistan for subversive activities in the valley.
Jammu is simmering for AIIMS and valley is infested with terrorist and valley is engulfed with encounters and LOC and ILOC are hot with firing for ceasefire violation form Pak side. People are dying and becoming refuges or shelter less and fighting for existence. Hospitals are full with injured and dead.