11 August 2015

Kashmiri Muslims

Kashmiri Muslims
Most of the Kashmiri Muslims living in the valley and Jammu are not against Kashmiri Pandits if they RESETTLE THERE.
For the last 25 years what is stopping the CENTRE and STATE GOVT. not to initiate the process of rehabilitation of KP’s?
The Kashmiri Pundits have never spoken a single word against Muslims in the valley or they opposed their AZADI MOVEMENT and they have still a great regard for Muslim brothers of Kashmir origin specially Sunni Muslims.
Dr. Jitender Singh, P.M.O. belongs to Jammu & Kashmir and in his various statements on KP’s, he has spoken that to settle in the valley is the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT OF KASHMIRI PUNDITS.
I ask Dr. Jitender Singh when there is a Govt. of PDP and BJP and at the Centre you are a most powerful person and your advocacy of above statement should be converted to truth and execution of the job of RETURN BACK OF KP’S IN THE VALLEY should be implemented now without any………
I have already sent my book Is God Dead????? The Truth About Jammu & Kashmir which contains the composite solution of the exiled KP’s and this is a justice which KP’s wants from 1.25 Crore people of this country including Kashmiri Muslims.