7 August 2015

Javed Iqbal’s Defense Analyst Lahore

Javed Iqbal’s Defense Analyst Lahore
On 05/08/2015, he was taking to Anchor of Aaj Tak in the evening T.V. Show. The show was A Talk on rested life one militant name Kasim who was over powered by the village defense people present in Udhampur.
Our anchor posed a question that Javed is a Pakistani and Pak should not do this.
I was surprised and shocked to hear that all the 25 Crore Indian Muslims living in this part of the country are Kasims and Kasaabs. They will go for Pakistan and take over the part be held by India in a jiffy. Muslims do not talk they do it silently so that nobody can understand their plans.
The Indian anchor and General Bakshi also bashed him for such remarks regarding Indian Muslims. But Javed Iqbal was firm on his words and told the media that all the subversive activities in India are supported by theses Kasims and Kasaabs. We cannot do anything without their help. The day is coming that they will bat for another division of this country India.
I am an author of book ‘Is God Dead????? The Truth About Jammu & Kashmir’ and I have given this book to all parliamentarians as a new year gift. Creamy layer of the country has not yet to buy this book as we Indians do not read but see T.V. and other electronics media like mobiles and waste time.
This book is ONLY BOOK IN THE WORLD which has a composite and peaceful solution of Kashmir issue.
I ask from 125 Crore people of this country to read above and introspect what Javed Iqbal says is right or wrong.

The country should debate on this. I want to avoid nuclear war between Pakistan and India as Pakistan says that the dirty bomb they can use for settlement of Kashmir. This has come out from the mouth of a minister of Nawaz Cabinet a few days back.