8 August 2015

ISIS Threat

ISIS Threat
Electronics Media as well as print media are giving various versions of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi. In Afghanistan they have made the base and are very active on key narcotic growing sectors and have a firm grip.
The sounds from Pakistan are also giving signals of entry in this region and they have also entered in Sri Nagar, Jama Masjid from where they are hoisting Pak flag as well as IS flags regularly on Friday. In other areas they hoist everyday 5 times while offering daily Namaz.
The defense experts of India give a sound warring that this may enter India and escalate.

The need of the timeline is that we should ensure Hindu-Muslim unity and must not talk about anything and accuse. We have to develop a cosmopolitan type of culture to avoid any kind of rift between the communities. We have to live together and die together on this soil and invaders will always like to exploit. The Pak will like to shatter this unity and composite culture and living together with respect and dignity.