1 August 2015

Existence of God

Existence of God

God is infinite, immortal and the creator of The Universe. As we cannot see air, fragrance, weather but we can only realize it. Similarly, God is also a divine power, the one who believes in him, can only realize him.
German philosopher “Friedrich Nietzsche” has given statement in “God is dead” in 1882 collection “The Gay science” in section 125. Here Nietzsche targets Christian community and explains that God ‘Jesus’ is no longer present. Faith plays a role in the life of a Christian. For the person who truly wants to seek God and learn to please him, notices: “without faith it is impossible to please him”. Faith is vital to Christians. In fact, without it no one can please God. All who diligently seek God with a strong believe, he “Rewards” them.

One can only have faith in god, if there would be a proof for his existence. Even if someone has a trust towards God, and he will never get a proof for his existence, then his faith will disappear some day.

My God is not dead

God is living inside us. I trust there is a sole divine power in the whole universe that protects me from taking wrong decisions. This power exists and enlightens within us but we need to realize it, feel it calmly. I can feel God everywhere in my heart, my mind and within my soul. So, believe in God and see the difference that where you relocate yourself with the realization of God.