29 August 2015


13 August 2015, My blog on fugitive Dawood Ibrahim. There is a lot of Halla-Gulla in Parliament also. H.M. Shri Rajnath Singh Ji says that Dawood will be brought to India.
Dawood has assumed the rank of God Guru of Pakistan, very close to Hafiz Syed and Nawaz Sharif as well as Raheel Sharif (Army Chief) and 25 Crore Indian Muslims as well as mentor and hero for committing crimes like pumping fake currency, gold smuggling, betting business on cricket and sending terrorist to J&K, responsible for 26/11 in Mumbai and now in Gurdaspur.
He belongs to Azamgarh in U.P. and all his family and relatives are doing subversive activities on his behest. He is in property business also and financing bollywood films and taking the profits as gate money.  All this wealth is invested on Jamat-ul-dawa and L.e.T. and for purchase of arm and ammunition for using  against India.
Media is giving distorted facts which is injury to the nation. Pak will never handover Dawood to India as in Dubai he has got a big business. He has a strong lobby in India – Pakistan lobby which protects his interests and family. In the press, I have seen that some police people are his paid boys.
G.O.I. should catch him in surprise raid only which requires a lot of secrecy and will to catch him alive. But it seems difficult.
Bollywood lobby, cricket world and property dealers of Bombay and police are his supporters and financers for gate money. Samajwadi Party is also involve in his black business.