20 July 2015

What is the proof of existence of God

What is the proof of existence of God

In the whole world, God does not require any introduction. The one who is infinite, immortal,creator of universe, and so on. God is a divine power which can be felt by its followers.He is present everywhere and in everything as he is the one, who created the universe. He Knows everything about every creature who so ever exists lively or dead. He does justice to everyone. There is a soul in every creature that never dies, it exist even after death. After the death, the soul gets a new birth, a new body and a new formation, sometimes same or sometimes completely different from its previous formation. So, nobody knows about soul and its formations and transformations and it is a divine flame & this is a never ending process.

There are so many reasons to proof that God exists.

1.  The Universe: Millions of galaxies, stars, so many planets, nature and life. God is the of all, and our own planet . Earth is the only planet equipped with right mix of gases to sustain planet, animal & human Life.

2. Water:  Its colorless and tasteless too. Nobody can survive without it. It is a universal solvent, chemically neutral, has a unique surface tension.

3. Human Brain:  It processes more than million messages in a second.  It captures all important data & filter out the irrelevant and unimportant. It has the ability to reason, develop emotions, to dream and plan, take actions and to relate to other people.

4.The Eye: It can distinguish about seven million colors. It has an automatic focus.

Proof for the existence of God:

The people who believe in God, need not a proof of its existence. But, those who do not believe in God are those who stood out of the majority.  If we can not notice anything like God it does not mean that it is inexistent. Its being a topic of argumentation and debate since decades. But we are the followers of God who teaches us to follow the right path throughout life. We are supposed to follow the path instructed in holy books of God such as Ramayana, Bhagwat Geeta, Bible, Quran Sharif & Guru Granth Sahib. There is an existence of values and self believes of Vasno Devi, Four Dham including Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri & Yamnotri, and all the other spiritual and devotional destinations. So, there is a proof of  existence of God since hundred years or even more.

Scientific Verification:

Sometimes, when doctors are unable to save the patient, then they just utter that pray to god and have faith in God. Science also believes in God and its existence. The moon, The earth, Mountains, Rivers, and all the living beings and species and so called the whole universe, who created all of them? When people visit "Amarnath"  they encounter a "Shivling" of God 'Shiva' how does it appear, nobody knows but it is noticed every year. So these are the unsettled facts which science can not deny.

Is there life after death:

People have different myths about life and death. Nobody knows about the reality. Some says, our soul gets transformed to a new life as per its karma. If one has done positive or good Karma, he may get a life and could be born again as a human. Else, one with negative deeds gets damnation, could be thrown to hell, or may or may not be born as any other specie.


So, we can conclude by saying that God is present everywhere, within us, everything is created by God and we should thank him. Its all about our self believe. Nobody can force anyone to believe in it or not. God created whole universe including The Stars, the Sun , The Moon, The Earth & everything is predestined, even the nature, whether its the seasons or the beauty of the outer world. I believe in God and thank him for this beautiful life.