27 July 2015

P.M. Modi’s (India) Meeting with P.M. Nawaz Sharif (Pak)

On 11th July – I put this blog on facebook as well as on blogger.
The nation found that Bollywood Pakistan lobby associated with Daud Ibrahim wants Yakub Memon’s hanging converted into life imprisonment.
Lalit Modi saga is connected to cricket betting scandal with Daud and parliament is affected.
Issuance of passport to Hurriyat Neta Syed Ali Shah Geelani for Saudi Arabia to meet his ailing daughter is a fraud. He has gone there for engaging desert Muslims like ISIS whose flag are being flown high in valley of Kashmir.
Syed Mufti C.M. J&K has got a fat 70000 Crores package for the flood affected Muslims majority. This all the money will go to Pakistan for subversion and terrorist activities.
Today in Punjab in Gurdaspur, there was a terror attack of high intensity and many citizens and policemen and S.P. Baljit Singh lost his life to this attack.

Will the Prime Minister take responsibility of all the above?