17 July 2015

Aid of 70000 Crore for Kashmir

70,000 Crore has been sanctioned for Kashmir. P.M. Modi is visiting Kashmir on EID. EID Mubarak to all Muslims.
This money is likely to go in the hands of radicalised people in the valley and then it will go Pakistan for subversive activities in the Jammu & Kashmir for purchase of arms and ammunitions against India and harbouring terrorists.
Remember Kashmiri Pandits, Return to the valley of Kashmir and their Rehabilitation and this money should be spent.
Modi Ji is creating trouble for himself by giving money to the people who are enemy of the nation and throwing stones on our security forces and killing and beheading our Jawans.

P.M. should remember that Kashmiri Pandits are integral part of India and without them in the valley; we cannot say Kashmir is the integral part of India.