30 July 2015

Reaction of Owaisi on Yakub Hanging on 30/07/2015

Reaction of Owaisi who is a qualified Barrister-at-Law at London (Lincolns Inn) is unfortunate on the hanging of Yakub Memon on 1993 Bomb Blast in Bombay.
He is advocating similar punishment to Rajiv Gandhi’s case and Beant Singh’s convict, demolition of Babri Masjid and Gujrat riots.
Being a Barrister, he should behave. As it is a punishment delivered by Honorable Supreme Court of India.
He is sowing the seeds of terrorism by Muslim minority in India and provoking wide spread riots in the country and wanted to build one thousand Babri Masjids in the country at several places the work has started and what will be the fate of (AIMIM) M.P.
I request the media barons not to project him on the T.V. screen or print media.

He should read A.P.J. Abdul Kalam who has been given Namaze Janaza Today which was attended by P.M., Rahul Gandhi and other Honorable people of this country – Incredible India.

29 July 2015

Media connected with terrorism

On 9th May 2015, I had posted on facebook about Salman Khan (A Film Actor).
In spite of my advice to print media as well as electronic media not to give extra space / time to Salman Khan as he is a criminal. On the hanging of Yakub a lot of time and money has been spent of this nation just for nothing.
Since, this issue is connected to terrorism and a threat to Bombay for subversive activities etc.
This is also a issue of public security and peaceful governess.
Will media barons look into this and stop all this non-sense which this nation is facing from a long time.

My Deep Heartfelt Tributes To Noble Soul

Prof. Kalam has not died he will be alive forever as he has left a rich legacy for human kind in the sphere of aviation, space, research, missile technology and he adopted Shrimad Bhagwat Gita as his mentor in life. Kalams never die, they leave imprints of their service and rich thoughts for teaching and preaching to students and teachers................
This is a message for the Muslims of whole world that they should read Kalam.

28 July 2015

Still waiting for harmony,still waiting for hope

Raghubir Lal Anand

Raghubirlal Anand has written the book “Is God Dead”. The book is about kashmiri Pandits, disputes among India, China and Pakistan at border.

After the meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz sharif , media and leaders have criticized the government over the clarification of Kashmir issue in the joint statement. Former foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and leader of Pakistan Tehreek-Insaf (PTI), told media that Kashmir should have been mentioned specifically in the joint declaration. “It is quite strange that Kashmir has not been part of the declaration”,he said. Modi did not show courtesy under diplomatic norms for his counterpart from Pakistan to walk further steps ahead to receive him.

70,000 crores have been sanctioned for Kashmir by Indian government. The money is likely to go to radical people in Kashmir and then it will go to Pakistan for underground activities in Jammu and Kashmir for purchase of arms and bullets against India. PM Modi is creating problem for himself by handing over money to the people who are enemy of the nation. PM should remember that Kashmiri Pundits  are integral part of nation. We cannot say Kashmir is the integral part of India without kashmiri pundits.

27 July 2015




P.M. Modi’s (India) Meeting with P.M. Nawaz Sharif (Pak)

On 11th July – I put this blog on facebook as well as on blogger.
The nation found that Bollywood Pakistan lobby associated with Daud Ibrahim wants Yakub Memon’s hanging converted into life imprisonment.
Lalit Modi saga is connected to cricket betting scandal with Daud and parliament is affected.
Issuance of passport to Hurriyat Neta Syed Ali Shah Geelani for Saudi Arabia to meet his ailing daughter is a fraud. He has gone there for engaging desert Muslims like ISIS whose flag are being flown high in valley of Kashmir.
Syed Mufti C.M. J&K has got a fat 70000 Crores package for the flood affected Muslims majority. This all the money will go to Pakistan for subversion and terrorist activities.
Today in Punjab in Gurdaspur, there was a terror attack of high intensity and many citizens and policemen and S.P. Baljit Singh lost his life to this attack.

Will the Prime Minister take responsibility of all the above?

Facebook A Very Promising Media

On 22nd July 2015 – Kejriwal is my facebook friend.

I requested Kejriwal not to make loose remarks against police on 26th July, 2015, C.M. Delhi apologized.
This is not of people but victory of promising media – facebook.

Thank You Kejriwal....

24 July 2015

Raghubir Lal Anand

I was born in a middle class family on October 28, 1939 in a village named ‘Eklas’ near
‘Rawalpindi’ (now in Pakistan). My parents migrated to India as refugees after the partition in 1947. I completed my graduation from Tribhuvan University (Nepal). My portfolio of employers includes Military Engineering Services and Department of Atomic Energy headed by Dr. Jehangir Bhaba, Birla Group of Industries, Ashoka Hotel and India Tourism Development Corporation in various senior positions.

The Book named “Is God Dead

The book is about “The truth regarding Jammu and Kashmir”. It also suggests composite and peaceful solution of the conflict of Kashmir among India, Pakistan and China. This book spreads awareness about Jammu and Kashmir dispute, its geography and political position. This book can change the perspective of the people who have been in these disputes since years and are involved in a never ending violence and hatred. This book will clarify secularism, integrity and authority of Nation incredible India. Justice Kailash Gambhir said that this book is important to be read by politicians, Universities, Judiciary, Security Forces, Scholars as Kashmir problem is not limited to India and Pakistan but effects tourism of whole world. Kashmiri pundits and Islamic Jehadis are waiting to return home since 25 years being refugees in their own country India. World has to answer Is God Dead???

22 July 2015

Kejriwal-My Facebook friend

Kejriwal Ji making loose remarks against Delhi Police, P.M. Modi Ji, Home Minister and Lt. Governor of Delhi.

This does not go well with the personality of C.M.

Law and order is badly affected, police demoralized with such remarks and in total people are suffering. Toilets and sanitary conditions are bad and removal of garbage is slow. One day the way you are running the show will become uncontrollable and drift towards anarchy.

You have been funded by Syed Ahmed Bukhari and also got fat money from Dubai and Muslim World. Why you are asking donations when already your coffers are full.

Passport to Hurriyat Neta

Mufti Sayeed granted Passport to Ali Shah Geelani, Hurriyat Head, A Pakistani Agent, for Saudi Arabia to see her ailing daughter, claims that he is not an Indian.

I ask Modi Ji, how you will solve the return of Kashmiri Pandits in the valley?

This has become a big myth.

Not received any reply of my post 17 July, 2015 where you are giving Rs.70,000 Crore to Kashmir for development, ultimately it will go in the pocket of Hurriyat and they will transfer this money to Pakistan for buying subversive material against India in Kashmir.

20 July 2015

What is the proof of existence of God

What is the proof of existence of God

In the whole world, God does not require any introduction. The one who is infinite, immortal,creator of universe, and so on. God is a divine power which can be felt by its followers.He is present everywhere and in everything as he is the one, who created the universe. He Knows everything about every creature who so ever exists lively or dead. He does justice to everyone. There is a soul in every creature that never dies, it exist even after death. After the death, the soul gets a new birth, a new body and a new formation, sometimes same or sometimes completely different from its previous formation. So, nobody knows about soul and its formations and transformations and it is a divine flame & this is a never ending process.

There are so many reasons to proof that God exists.

1.  The Universe: Millions of galaxies, stars, so many planets, nature and life. God is the of all, and our own planet . Earth is the only planet equipped with right mix of gases to sustain planet, animal & human Life.

2. Water:  Its colorless and tasteless too. Nobody can survive without it. It is a universal solvent, chemically neutral, has a unique surface tension.

3. Human Brain:  It processes more than million messages in a second.  It captures all important data & filter out the irrelevant and unimportant. It has the ability to reason, develop emotions, to dream and plan, take actions and to relate to other people.

4.The Eye: It can distinguish about seven million colors. It has an automatic focus.

Proof for the existence of God:

The people who believe in God, need not a proof of its existence. But, those who do not believe in God are those who stood out of the majority.  If we can not notice anything like God it does not mean that it is inexistent. Its being a topic of argumentation and debate since decades. But we are the followers of God who teaches us to follow the right path throughout life. We are supposed to follow the path instructed in holy books of God such as Ramayana, Bhagwat Geeta, Bible, Quran Sharif & Guru Granth Sahib. There is an existence of values and self believes of Vasno Devi, Four Dham including Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri & Yamnotri, and all the other spiritual and devotional destinations. So, there is a proof of  existence of God since hundred years or even more.

Scientific Verification:

Sometimes, when doctors are unable to save the patient, then they just utter that pray to god and have faith in God. Science also believes in God and its existence. The moon, The earth, Mountains, Rivers, and all the living beings and species and so called the whole universe, who created all of them? When people visit "Amarnath"  they encounter a "Shivling" of God 'Shiva' how does it appear, nobody knows but it is noticed every year. So these are the unsettled facts which science can not deny.

Is there life after death:

People have different myths about life and death. Nobody knows about the reality. Some says, our soul gets transformed to a new life as per its karma. If one has done positive or good Karma, he may get a life and could be born again as a human. Else, one with negative deeds gets damnation, could be thrown to hell, or may or may not be born as any other specie.


So, we can conclude by saying that God is present everywhere, within us, everything is created by God and we should thank him. Its all about our self believe. Nobody can force anyone to believe in it or not. God created whole universe including The Stars, the Sun , The Moon, The Earth & everything is predestined, even the nature, whether its the seasons or the beauty of the outer world. I believe in God and thank him for this beautiful life.

God is dead, we killed him

God is dead, we killed him

We surely know that few things in universe are invisible or unnoticeable but do exist like air, fragrance and sometimes emotions which can be felt but can never be seen.  There is some divine power which controls the whole universe. Nobody has seen the God but we believe that god exists. Sometimes, when we are alone and wonder that, who created this universe, who was the first and foremost creature on this earth and about its origin. Apart from the creature, who created The Earth itself, not only the Earth, who formulated the Universe? After thinking over all these mysteries things, we realize that we do not have any idea about it and how many decades of research is still required to solve this puzzle? There is always some sought of interrogation in our mind, that who is God? where does he live & how he monitors, the universe? We know that there is a divine power, which controls the whole world, named as GOD- The Father of The Universe. 

Undoubtedly we can say that, God exists. For example: whenever something wrong happens to us , the first word comes from our mouth is "oh! God" and its natural. In good times we thank god, in bad situations we ask God to help us. Since childhood, our parents teaches us to pray to God in every circumstances as he gives us life and we should thank him for this life. He is the creator of nature. He is our mentor. It is believed that we should repent to god, for our negative deeds and bad Karma.

God is dead and We killed him

German Philospher “Friedrich Nietzsche” has given a statement in “God is Dead” in 1882 collection “The Gay Science” in section 125. The Phrase God is dead means in a literal Sense that actually God is not here, who existed previously. Here he particularly targets Christian Community and explains that God Jesus is no longer present. Here, he conveys that Christians are no longer supposed to believe in God and its divine power. Nietzsche wants to say that God only exists in the believes  or imaginations of his followers and humans killed the God long time back or even years before. He explains Lack of morality, ethics & hypocrisies. Christianity became non existent due to increase of modern science & expansion of education. Belief in God is next to impossible due to nineteenth century factors such as state of arts, latest technology and upcoming modern researches. Man has become inanimate without God and has lost all the directions, purposes and motives of its life. Here he wants to enlighten our moral values, religion died and so, the God too, is dead and we failed to protect it. We killed God by giving importance to technology & science. We have forgotten our culture & moral values.

My God is not Dead

My God is not dead, he is alive. He is living inside us. I can feel him everywhere in my body, heart and soul. He roars like a lion inside me. I always believe in god  and trust that HE is alive and guiding me to the right paths of life and separating me away from the darkness. I trust there is a sole divine power in the whole universe that protects me from taking wrong decisions in life. And this power exists and enlightens within us but we need to realize it, feel it, with a constant & calm mind. Believing and having a trust upon is really important for anything. So, believe in God & see the difference that where you relocate yourself with the realization of God. perform each and every work with ethics and moral values, notice the difference in life you achieve.

Who said God is Dead
'Friedrich Nietzsche' grounded "God is Dead"
The meaning of "God is dead" by Nietzsche is relevant to modern generation who does not believe in God by heart and soul. Here he conveys that Christian moral values and their culture & ethics are forgotten. Our life is all about values, customs, culture & self respect of our ancestors and we are proceeding after science, technology & hypocrisies.


So, We can conclude on a note that, we should trust in God, our moral values, ethics, customs. Along with this, We should accept modernization of science as well as technology in education. If we really want to protect ourselves, then we need not to be after hypocrisies and should not accept all things together. This means technology is good and acceptable but not on the stake of our cultural values. Culture and customs lie in something which we are granted with, from our predecessors . This is the part of our responsibility to teach our descendants about our moral values along with the social values and acknowledge them to the divine power and creator, God.

17 July 2015

Aid of 70000 Crore for Kashmir

70,000 Crore has been sanctioned for Kashmir. P.M. Modi is visiting Kashmir on EID. EID Mubarak to all Muslims.
This money is likely to go in the hands of radicalised people in the valley and then it will go Pakistan for subversive activities in the Jammu & Kashmir for purchase of arms and ammunitions against India and harbouring terrorists.
Remember Kashmiri Pandits, Return to the valley of Kashmir and their Rehabilitation and this money should be spent.
Modi Ji is creating trouble for himself by giving money to the people who are enemy of the nation and throwing stones on our security forces and killing and beheading our Jawans.

P.M. should remember that Kashmiri Pandits are integral part of India and without them in the valley; we cannot say Kashmir is the integral part of India.

13 July 2015

UFA Visit

P.M. Modi’s UFA (Russia) visit is ok but meeting with Nawaz is akin to Advani’s remarks about ‘Jinnah a secular’ – a political death.

There is no need to talk Pakistan. Write off completely.
The return of Kashmiri Pundits to their homeland in the valley is more important than visiting Pakistan in 2016.

There is no point in the talk with Pakistan as they are firing on LoC, beheading our Jawans and killing the people living on border. Your visit will embolden terrorism, radicalization and Islamisation Pak army as well as people of Pakistan.

Reply of Pran Nath Mattoo 

After initially welcoming today's meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif, leaders and media in Pakistan have criticised the government over the absence of any mention of the vexed Kashmir issue in the joint statement.
Sharif met Modi in the Russian city of Ufa on the sidelines of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) following which a joint statement was issued that mentioned terrorism and the need to expedite the Mumbai trial but Kashmir was conspicuously missing in it.
Shah Mehmood Qureshi, former foreign minister and leader of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), told private Express TV channel that Kashmir should have been mentioned in the joint communique.
"It is quite strange that Kashmir has not been part of the statement," he said.
Senator Rehman Malik of Pakistan People's Party (PPP) said that Modi was disrespectful towards Sharif and behaved like a Tsar, forcing the Pakistani premier to walk through a long corridor to come towards his "throne".
"Modi didn't show the slightest courtesy under diplomatic norms for his Pakistani counterpart to walk a few steps forward to receive him," he said.
Talat Hussain, prominent anchor of Geo TV, said that it was Sharif's failure to get Kashmir mentioned in the joint statement.
He said it looked as if Sharif was just trying to please Modi.
"I think government was in a hurry to get a positive response from India," he said.
Senator Sehar Kamran, who heads Centre for Pakistan and Gulf Studies (CPGS) think-tank also criticised the joint statement.
"The statement, only mentions the Mumbai case trial, but fails to highlight the lingering Kashmir dispute which is a lost opportunity to illustrate the destabilising role of India in the region.
"Kashmir is the jugular vein of Pakistan and the resolution of the Kashmir dispute lies at the heart of future prospects for regional peace and stability," she said.